New In Beauty | Sephora Haul


I did it. I finally took the leap. Your girl has officially invested in her very first everyday makeup routine. 

After years of being team #nomakeup, (partly because I was intimidated and partly because I wanted to be confident and find myself beautiful without relying on makeup), I've completed my first Sephora "haul." It might sound a little vapid, but one of my goals for this year was to step outside of my comfort zone and flex my comfortability muscles just a little by investing in makeup essentials. It's something I've thought about for years, and with all of the makeup tutorials I watch on YouTube (Who doesn't love their daily dose of Aunt Jackie?), you would think I would have done so by now. But, my intimidation and overall feelings of being overwhelmed whenever I stepped foot into a Sephora or an Ulta made me stay away - I'd buy food instead. I have to admit though, Fenty Beauty's launch almost made me take the plunge. Almost.

While I've dabbled in lipsticks (and have several favorites), deciding to incorporate a mainstay foundation, brushes, and an essential brow product into a beauty routine is all-new territory for me. And now, 26-year-old me can confidently say she's found some new makeup staples. (Still looking into a primer and a concealer situation - stay tuned).

Products I'm Currently Loving:


What are some of the products that make up your staple makeup routine?