30 Affirmations for A More Positive Life


At this point, the word “affirmations” might feel like a buzzword more than anything else. Akin to the likes of “self-care” and “self-love,” but I’d like to stress that that’s a potentially harmful generalization. The three things that I just mentioned may be terms that have had new life breathed into them as of late, but they’ve always been around. They are all extensions of self-respect and are the building blocks that stem from that foundation. But, as we all attempt to walk before we crawl in instances where we should shape and carve ourselves, we gloss over fundamental steps regarding the status of our overall mental health. 

And mental health is wealth.

Our mental wellbeing has come to the forefront now more than ever because of how bombarded our psyche has become to life’s trials on an individual, national, and global level. When positive, affirmations are another way to combat the negative and protect the mental. It’s important to prioritize building yourself up in the wake of a world that constantly tries to tear you down for the hell of it. And like any journey, it’s long. 

In the past, I’ve read some affirmations that were so beautiful that they stirred my spirit immediately after reading them, but I found the process of recalling them on command a little difficult. I found that, for me, when I came to approaching daily affirmations, the simpler, the better. It was purer that way, and if something is true, it can be stated simply. 

I decided to keep that in mind when composing this list of 30 easy to remember positive affirmations. Choose a handful of them that resonate with you most and recite them daily. I noticed a difference in not only my confidence, but also how I spoke to myself and how I allowed others to speak to me. Read below for more. 

30 Affirmations for A More Positive Life

  1. I am loved.
  2. I am worthy.
  3. I am powerful.
  4. I am deserving.
  5. I am enough.
  6. I am beyond any and all perceived limitations.
  7. I am not what happened to me.
  8. I am what I do and overcome.
  9. I am not what others think of me.
  10. I am what I think of me.
  11. I am beautiful.
  12. I slay.
  13. I am confident AF.
  14. I am whole. 
  15. I complete me.
  16. I can do anything.
  17. I can be anything.
  18. I am present.
  19. I do not expect.
  20. I surrender my need to control.
  21. I attract the things to me that I seek and that are also actively seeking me.
  22. I define me.
  23. I forgive me.
  24. I am the vessel of my own happiness.
  25. I am one with my flaws.
  26. I am at peace. 
  27. I am light.
  28. I am love. 
  29. I love myself.
  30. I am me.

What are some positive things that you affirm to self?