The Obligatory 2018 Goals Post


It took a minute, but I'm no longer fixated on resolutions. The theme of new year, new me is not exclusive to the start of January. To me, growth and development should be a year-round concept and the result of continuously bettering yourself for you. Or, at least, that's what my life looks like.

For me, the focus is and has been actionable goals. I love to say the things that I want so that I can call them by name. I attract them by being, but I draw them in by doing as well. 

When I don't examine my life from a perspective of lack, I notice all the abundace that blesses me in my day-to-day life. From the simple things like health and breath in my lungs, to the bigger things like a career rooted in purpose. Within the span of the year ahead, I have a handful of goals that symbolize the different facets of my being. And let's just say, I look forward to meeting them. 


  1. Dedicate at least 70 minutes a week to guided meditation via Headspace.
  2. Nurture my gifts by cultivating time for offline journaling and consistent blogging.
  3. Read a minimum of two new books each month. 


  1. Engage in some sort of physical activity twice a week.
  2. Take one group fitness class once a month. 
  3. Step away from my WFH office at least once a day to get out and smell the roses. 


  1. Travel to Europe, either solo or partnered. 
  2. Visit New York.
  3. Visit LA.
  4. Travel somewhere with a beach. 

Late last year, I had a conversation with the Spirited Pursuit's Lee Litumbe and I felt so inspired by her, even more than I was already from admiring her from afar. All of that, just from hearing her story. After a career in finance left her unfufilled, she sold everything and left Atlanta in the spirited pursuit of travel. Travel was something I've always wanted to give more of myself to. This year, I'm making the space for more of those opportunities. 

Although I want to be as balanced as possible by nurturing the different aspects of myself and putting my love energy back into me, my spirit is easily the priority for 2018. I've done things out of service for other people for so long and in doing things like traveling more, I am rewarding myself and treating myself in the way I should have always done.

Like my girl Maya Angelou says, when you know better, do better. I'm awake now, led by the intention of living my best life. 

     What are some goals you're looking forward to accomplishing this year?