Off The Shoulder


I've been wanting to try out the off the shoulder trend ever since it came back around as a wardrobe must-have. This one in particular is from Forever 21, and I gravitated towards it immediately because of the high drama of its exaggerated bell sleeves. I saw it on the model and felt it was kismet. I thought, This looks like Solange. Being that she's my spirit animal (well, one of them), I had to add the purchase to my cart.

What's even better is that these tops allow you to go braless, which is something me and my IBTs enjoy thoroughly. Any excuse to go without that contraption is one that I hold near and dear. 

I opted to wear this off the shoulder number while shooting some new photos for the blog and promo. I was awkward as hell in front of the camera but my shooter and the way the sun and wind kissed my shoulders made it all worthwhile.

In other and slightly random news, I started a new job (hinted at it last post)! It's officially been a little over a month now and I absolutely love it! And I'm so thankful to God for the opportunities He's been blessing me with lately. I think it's what's been having my light in overdrive lately. Until next time, thanks for stopping by and giving TIB a read!

Photography by Sanniyah Sloan