The Best Bras For Small Breasts


I love my small breasts. It took me a while to utter those words and stand confidently behind them, but I now do. It was a journey of unlearning what society says a “real woman” should look like, unlearning what society said men were supposed to find desirable, and becoming deaf to certain comments people throw around insensitively. Most importantly, I had to look at myself in the mirror and find beauty and sexiness in myself. What you might not expect is that a part of that came with finding the right bra.

Some women choose to gravitate towards padding for an extra oomph, and by default, I did. I had heard so much about push up bras and it seemed that bigger being better was largely emphasized, so to padding and adding two extra cup sizes, I went. However, after realizing how much freer I felt whenever I went braless, I realized such heavy padding wouldn’t do for me and my A, verging on B cup. (When a bra specialist measured me a couple of years ago, I learned I was a small full B, but I’m most comfortable in 34 A bras.)

So, I started to choose my bras with the opposite intention. I wanted less padding, less lining, and to feel as like myself as possible. Bralettes, unlined, and t-shirt bras have become clutch for me in the process of embracing my small breasts. Below are a few of my favorite bras for small breasts.

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Bralettes have become a trendy piece of lingerie as of late and has the versality to be worn as an undergarment and as an element of your OOTD or OOTN look. I like how such a delicate piece of your attire is allowed to come out of hiding and show itself to the world as a statement. 

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I'm pictured in one above (via Adore Me), but unlined bras are by far my all-time favorite/go-to bras. I think it's the closest thing to feeling like I'm wearing almost nothing. I have some without any underwire, and some with. With a little lace, unlined bras are the true epitome of a little bit going a long way. 

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T-Shirt Demi

T-shirt demi bras offer a dual benefit when wearing them. I like the fact that they are lightweight and slick like bras with minimal padding, but that they also offer a smoothness to their design that allow them to remain unseen underneath more fitted options where lace undergarments just won’t do. Likewise, they are also perfect to wear underneath your favorite tees.

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What's your favorite bra?