Spring Clean Your Life: The Art of Decluttering


Spring cleaning my life wasn’t intentional. I’m not one of those people who see that it’s spring and naturally equate it to cleaning. After all, cleaning is a year-round task, right? But for some reason, I think this year, I officially got it. More than anything, it’s about how you’re cleaning. The purpose is to get deep and intentional about your space and the different aspects of your life.

That epiphany for me came years too late, but overall spring cleaning came about organically. Decluttering, organizing, brightening, releasing – moving forward felt like second nature this spring. Much like what the trees did with their leaves and petals do in their bloom. I’ve emerged from my cocoon, and I’ve spread my wings to be about that butterfly life.

Spring is the perfect season to capitalize on transitioning because it is a transition in and of itself. Read on for how to spring clean your life.

Revitalize Your Space

Notice I didn't use the word revamp, I said revitalize. Revitalize means to add new life and I liked what that approach implied versus the production and effort that the word revamp can suggest and emphasize. Revitalizing your space can be as extensive as buying an overhaul of new furniture or doing something deep carpet cleaning, but it also be as small and intimate a detail as switching out throw pillows for warmer colors to embody the change in season. If it’s only in your budget to take care of one room, make it your bedroom. You spend the most time in your bedroom, it is your sanctuary, and your respite from the world.

Trade in the comforter set you’ve been using all winter for a couple of new ones that scream spring without breaking bank. Add a houseplant to infuse some greenery in your space or a mirror to elongate a small space. These simple acts add openness and vibrancy to a space.

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Throw the Junk Away

Have you ever realized how the things you allow to take up your space aren’t truly necessities? When you have things that you need and that don’t need around you, the things you don’t need create clutter. Start with your closet. Peel through every clothing item that you own. Do you love that dress or are you trying to love it because you spent money on it? Do those jeans do your ass a disservice? When was the last time you reached for that blouse in the back of your closet to wear with anything?

Let them go.

I didn’t understand what it meant to love a piece of clothing until I started shopping again recently and adding new pieces to my wardrobe. Now I know what needs to go and be donated to Goodwill. Additionally, any other spaces in your place that attract clutter like your bathroom (any product junkies out there?) or your kitchen cabinets should be purged too.

Check in With Your Goals

I noticed that of all the goals I set at the beginning of the year, I have two that aren’t checked off as complete because they are ongoing. Checking in with them also made me realize that maybe I need to reassess my spending habits (because Lord knows I’ve been indulging too much in retail therapy), so I am now committed to a budget (thanks Mint!) to make sure I stay on track with my saving goals for the next six months, no matter what comes my way to tempt me to do bad things.

If you’re like me, starting a savings account is as simple as putting away 10% of your income away every paycheck. I’m trying to do a little more than that, but either way, saving is saving and 10% is an effective and logical start. Checking in with your goals in general makes you aware of where your moves need to be edited. In the end, you stay on course with accomplishing your goals.

Assess Your Energy Output

Your energy should be used wisely always. If you find that you have been expelling energy in such a way that leaves you exhausted and depleted, decide whether that release is necessary. You might find that you are too invested in a relationship that you are not receiving reciprocity from. This could be a romantic relationship, platonic, or familial. Additionally, you might find that in your work you are exerting a lot of energy. Does what you put out match your worth? Do you feel like you can be earning more?

Assess whether changes need to be made in your day-to-day to better facilitate a life that is less draining of your energy and more rewarding to you in other aspects.

How do you spring clean your life?