Brunch In Atlanta | Sun In My Belly

sun-in-my-belly-atlanta-brunch-4 (1).jpg

Sun In My Belly is easily one of my favorite places to eat in Atlanta. I've spent a lot of brunches there over the years, catching up with friends, making memories with significant others, and even basking in the art of solitude. It only seemed fitting to include SIMB in my Brunch In Atlanta series.

I love it for its food, but I love it just as much for its rustic space that entices you to relax within its comfort. You're transported to a simpler time where nothing but fresh flavors, craft brews, and warm sun is all that matters (windows and great natural lighting is always a winner with me). 

I usually go for brunch and order my Challah French Toast with honeyed ham and maybe even a lavendar biscuit to start, but this evening was different though.

During Sun In My Belly's April 20th Breakfast for Dinner reimagining of the restaurant's famed brunch, I veered away from my tendencies to gravitate towards my tried and true favorite. Instead, I went for the diner's take on Steak + Eggs. From the coca-cola marinated flank steak to the sunnyside up eggs, the meal was satisfying and utterly perfect. On the side, I enjoyed their Japanese sweet potato and duck confit hash with bourbon maple demi-glace.

My absolute favorite part was cutting into the egg and reveling in the taste of the creaminess of the runny yolk with the sweet savoriness of the coca cola flavored flank. What I love about Sun In My Belly is that they always manage to serve me just that. Plenty of sun in my belly.