Acai Smoothie Bowl


Lately, I've been trying to do the right thing a little more when it comes to my eating habits, and I've found the easiest way to do so is by setting a good tone at the start of my day. I'm slowly but surely moving into the clean eating territory switching out choices like burgers and meatlover's pizza with tuna on wheat with avocado on the side and green beans with brown rice and a turkey burgers and some more avocado on the side. What can I say? Burgers are my weakness.

Two times out of three, chances are a day of great clean eating and plenty of water is prefaced by a good ole acai smoothie bowl. 


Acai Smoothie Bowl

2 packs of Acai smoothie, blended

Coconut water

Coconut flakes


Agave nectar 

Strawberries or kiwi

Blackberries, diced mangoes, or blueberries

Blend the smoothie packs with coconut water or your choice of juice, add some agave nectar for sweetness, and after that, go crazy with your toppings.