All The Good Things

I’ve been thanking God religiously.

His name is always on my tongue, but admittedly, I've been repeating it more in the past year than the time that came before it. He has come through for me in a way that I never thought possible. This year has been about abundance. I called it to me. I claimed it. I put in the work. And slowly but surely, my life has opened up quite a bit, bestowing upon me a bevy of blessings and I am so thankful – too thankful really. If there is a such thing.

After a year and some change of being without, I was blessed with so much. And the gifts keep giving. This month and last month have been especially enlightening for me and my path. I had two doors in front of me and both of them held the promise of writing, but one drove me and my passion more. One had held my heart for years, ever since September 2015 when I first got an email inquiring about my interest in being a sex writer. 

And now I’m an Editor.


Waking up to reality that looks, feels, and tastes just like the elements that make up my dreams. I am living it.

Although it comes with its own set of challenges, I’ve never been so fulfilled by my work as I am now. I am not only honored, I am humbled. It’s a revelation that I find happiness and love in each and every day. I thank Him when the sun slips through the blinds of my window just as I do before I lay my head to sleep. I thank Him throughout the day. I smile to myself at the most random moments, shaking my head in a mixture of disbelief and childlike joy.

I’ve wanted to be a writer my whole life. I’ve been a writer my whole life. Continuing this path and coming into my own in this way is the epicenter of all that’s good in my life. No doubt adding to that grace is the love that I receive from the people that I’ve chosen to be in my life and who actively choose me back.

On days where I forget myself, I am reminded of who I am with the encouraging words and gazes of people who will never let me doubt myself, or allow me to downplay me.  

I wouldn’t trade them for anyone in the world, especially not him. I think I met him to remind me of the things that set my soul on fire, the things that fuel me because since that day, I’ve solidified my passion as my purpose, been on the receiving end of quite a few promotions, and remembered that there is power in my pen.

The patience he has is unparalleled. I’m a better person for knowing him and those relationships will never cease to be important to the makings of a good life.

In addition to him, I have sisters who give me life, a best friend who keeps me grounded, other friends who revitalize me with laughter, a boss who is my young older sister in my head that believed in me and inspires me to grow, a father who acts as my ears and shoulders and is my saving grace on gray days, and a mother who is my rock, my heart, and my soul always.

This feels like a quintessential gratitude Thanksgiving post that’s weeks too late, but the thing about appreciation is, it never gets old. And it’s always welcomed.

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